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Posted on: 18-01-2019

Making the most out of my holiday: Internship at IT BCA

My name is Chrestecia Djap and I am a first-year student majoring in Natural Resources Conservation at the University of British Columbia, Canada. I participated in the BCA Internship Program from the 17th of December 2018 until the 31th of December 2018.

Many people asked me why I used my 2-week winter break to intern at BCA, instead of just enjoying my holiday in my hometown. The answer is simply because I want to make the most out of my time and that interning at BCA would be a good opportunity for me to get work experience. Another common question is how I got the internship. Because who would want to hire a high school graduate? I sent my résumé, took the online entry test, did an online interview and here I am.

Although often stereotyped as being given the worst jobs, such as getting coffee and photocopying documents, my internship experience has been anything but that. Many people think that working in a bank can be a monotonous job. However, having worked for Mr. Ferdinan Wirawan was quite the opposite; everyday was a new challenge to help support his team.

On my first day, he gave me a project to remodel one of the rooms at BCA Learning Institute in Sentul, which we surveyed over the afternoon. He gave me a tour of the institute as well as the BCA Gallery, where I got to experience what it was like to be a customer service executive at BCA. I am amazed at how patient these people are, having to answer different kinds of customers with different kinds of questions and complaints every day.

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On the second day, he helped me open my very own bank account and for the rest of the morning, I brainstormed ideas for the workspace. One of the perks of working at Menara BCA is the convenient location. When lunch came around, all we had to do was go down to eat at Grand Indonesia mall. After lunch, I joined a monthly meeting with the marketing communication team at Wisma Asia II.

On the third day of my internship, I helped out documenting the Year-End Retro event by BCA Scrum Community for the entire day. Personally, I think that it was a fun and insightful event with the opportunity to meet many amazing and smart people. One of the main focuses of the event was the Scrum process and how it can benefit members of the company in organizing their workflow. Large companies like BCA require long and tall hierarchies that tends to slow down the decision making process. The Scrum technique allows them to flatten the organizational hierarchies specifically through project based organization. Instead of following traditional organizational structures to dictate project leaders and the distribution of work, groups are formed into small groups and function independent from the overall organization. Decision making regarding the direction of the project is handled directly by the owner of the project, and work is distributed by the members of the team. Smaller teams result in a more intimate working environment, improving communication and speeding up the decision making process. The concept is simple, but can be difficult to execute, due to its unconventional style. Even after four years of implementation, the company is still figuring out ways to improve its use of the technique. This event allowed many users to share their experiences so that other people could learn from each other and make improvements.

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On the fourth day, I gave a presentation of the ideas for the workspace in Sentul at BCA’s Slipi office and in the afternoon, we had a meeting about another project, before heading back to Menara BCA in the evening.

Friday was my favourite part of that week because I got the chance to visit BCA’s Cash Processing Center building. I was amazed by the advanced technologies they adopted, especially with the high level of security. With sensitive business processes, they minimized the role that humans played and relied more on technology. It surely was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


The following week, we had a Christmas potluck, Secret Santa party and board games night. On Friday, we went to the BCA Finance branch at Pondok Indah. There, Ferdi and Christina helped facilitate one of the Scrum meetings. At the end of the day, we went to the BCA Human Resource Headquarters at Landmark Pluit, where everyone from IT Human Capital gathered and played board games as part of their team building activities. Also, I got the chance to meet my recruiter, Kelvina. Besides that, another intern shared her experience of working as a barista and we learnt a lot about coffee.


Even though most offices are closed on the 31st of December, surprisingly the people at BCA IT still comes to work. The entire office went out to have lunch together and I got the chance to visit the Digital Command Center on the 31st floor of Menara BCA.


Having completed a short internship at BCA, I realized that it was unlike many of the internship stories I’ve heard. I was involved in the work like any other employee would be and I was able to voice my ideas. My favourite part of experience were the people I was surrounded with. At the beginning, I struggled and I was nervous because it was my first working experience. The members were welcoming and approachable, making me feel like I was a part of the team, and always open to my inputs and ideas. If I could turn back time, I would still have chosen the internship over having a full vacation in Indonesia.

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